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Arino ® Vest & Brief

ARINO® Premium Fine Rib Sleeveless Mens's Vest (CD-60)

ARINO® Premium Fine Rib Sleeveless Mens's Vest (CD-60)

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  • Sleeveless vest crafted from premium rib fabric for exceptional comfort
  • CD-60 design ensures a perfect fit and freedom of movement
  • High-quality fabric offers relaxation and breathability all day long
  • Seamless construction minimizes irritation and enhances comfort

Introducing the Rib Sleeveless Vest CD-60, where comfort meets quality in every stitch. Crafted from premium rib fabric, this sleeveless vest ensures exceptional comfort and breathability. The CD-60 design guarantees a perfect fit while allowing for freedom of movement, making it ideal for everyday wear. The high-quality fabric provides a relaxing sensation against the skin, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. With seamless construction, this vest minimizes irritation and enhances overall comfort. Elevate your undergarment collection with the Rib Sleeveless Vest CD-60 for unmatched comfort and quality.

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